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"Let's get that paperwork done!"

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Paperwork can be unnecessarily difficult. Type your name, type your shipping name, tell us all your business, over and over, pedantic, tedious, confusing. Not to mention, that paperwork piles up.  On and around the computer, on the counter, on the desk, EVERYWHERE!


We Doc Queens are here to help. Over 20 years of experience with personal, business and legal paperwork, we organize your paperwork and help you learn to keep it organized. We slog through all that paperwork you haven't finished, help you understand applications and source information. All of our Queens are Licensed Notaries, both online and mobile services are available. We source resources and research. We can start up your LLC, or source grants for your nonprofit. We help request loans and also loan forgiveness. Any type of document review and creative writing, we have a Doc Queen ready to help. These are just a few of the many different types of paperwork we can help you get off your desk. 

We want you to feel comfortable. Paperwork can be daunting, but so can sharing your information. Included in your consultation is an NDA that details how we will never share anything we see. This includes not just what information passes through our hands, but also the state your paperwork is in, how it got that way, or what you feel like sharing with your Queen during your sessions with us. None of this will be shared outside of our company. This NDA explains your rights and puts the power in your hands. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like.  


Take a look at our services, and when you're ready, book a consultation to discuss your needs.

Let’s get that paperwork done!

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